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This guide will lead you to the downloading of Mobdro for Kodi using given simple steps. Mobdro is very popular application and it being in demand by Kodi Users too. Its popularity indicates how awesome this application is working. The combination will let you enjoy your favorite shows hassle free.

Mobdro is the application which continuously finds the live streams freely available on web servers. This makes it available on our different kind of devices including mobile phones, computer and smart televisions including Home Theater PCs (HTPC). This is now available on Kodi Media Center too as Mobdro for Kodi.

Kodi, which used to be XBMC Media Center earlier, is the cross platform Software made available by XMBC foundation with the GPLv2.0+ license. Mobdro for Kodi is media player backed by Software and Enjoyment hub for digital media for Home theater PCs. Its Graphic User Interference allows users to watch images, video and movies using Pen Drives, Disks, Local Networks and Internet.

Using Mobdro for Kodi will allow viewers to enjoy the huge library of Mobdro and will it them enjoy various videos, shows, movies and songs on their Smart Televisions.


You need to follow few simple steps to get Mobdro Application running on your Smart Television. The steps are given below. Follow them closely and keenly to make sure that you don’t any mistake.

  1. Open Kodi Software and look for System Option in it. Select it.
  2. You will find Options. Select File Manager From it.
  3. You will see list of Sources. Select Add Source from that.
  4. A new window will appear. Select None in Add in Add File Sources and click OK.
  5. Virtual Keyboard will appear and you have to write one of the given link Exactly. 1) 2) (Not Recommend) and select done.
  6. You have to select Enter a Name for this Media Source. Give the name as per your view. I will name it Mobdro for Kodi and select OK
  7. Visit your Home page again and select System options. and from the 5 available options, select Add-Ons
  8. Find out the Install from zip file option and select it.
  9. Select the name you gave in Step 6. I will select Mobdro for Kodi as i gave that name.
  10. You will get two options 1) 2) Select 2nd options i.e.
  11. Wait and watch. You will get the notification of Add-on enabled
  12. Click on it and you will see different options. Select Get Add-Ons or Install from repository from that options.
  13. Select AH Add-on repository > Video Add-Ons > Select Mobdro > Install
  14. Wait till Add-on enabled notification appear.
  15. You are ready to use Mobdro for Kodi by visiting VIDEOS > Add-Ons > Modbro from your home screen.

You will enjoy this awesome video streaming application via Kodi. Mobdro is freely available. You can now access the freely available video streams in the world of web. Enjoy it. You can read more about Mobdro for Kodi at Google Play Store.


Mobdro is amazing options and application. The latest option of IPTV became available for Application Mobdro for Kodi too. IPTV stand for Internet Protocol Television. This is the kind of system which enables Smart TVs to make live streaming. The traditional system of satellite signal concept is applicable here too with little variation.

The concept of IPTV uses internet services to provide visual to us. IPTV provide us the ability through which we can stream the media in smaller sizes and directly from the source of it. You can use Mobdro for Kodi for the same purpose. It will let us enjoy the content available on Mobdro Source via Kodi platform.

I hope You enjoyed this post and you are now able to enjoy Mobdro for Kodi with the above given steps. If you find any kind of variation, please let us know. You can use comment section to let us know your views on our post. This is the amazing blog dedicated to Mobdro Download App.

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