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Watching movies has always been a famous leisure activity for many since the old days when films could only be viewed in cinemas and large projectors with slide-like films were placed in front of a light source. As a result, the film was projected onto the large screen. Time has evolved. Technology improved and today we have all measures of our entertainment over the internet. Any movie or TV show can be viewed offline or online as per our choice.

Still quality content is limited to certain giants in the industry who charge handsome amounts for the content. Netflix, Iflix and other companies allow you to view the TV shows and movies in exchange for monthly or annual subscriptions. But if you are looking for a place where you can find all of your favorite content without paying such charges then MovieBox is exactly the thing you should be looking for.

The availability of the application on all platforms makes it even more useful for the users because they can access their personalized IDs on the devices of their choice anytime, anywhere they like.

So, what are the distinguishing features that one should prefer this application over others? Whether one may agree or disagree but the MovieBox does not require any subscription and this feature undoubtedly alone is a sufficient feature for many to add it to their preferences. What to spend hefty sums on Netflix when you can access everything of the same quality without spending a penny.

Support for the MovieBox application is available across all platforms. A person can install it on their Android phones, their iPhones, PCs and any other gadget they may be using. Apple product users are always in a tense mood because of the limited number of applications as compared to Android devices. Although Apple introduced its specialized applications such as iTunes a long time ago but still people do not get the same level of freedom. Considering the device performance, it was a good initiative to prevent malware to access the device but limits on one’s device usage is never the cost one is willing to pay. Good for you, MovieBox can easily be installed on iPhones as well. The application runs seamlessly while you savor on your mind-cherishing movies and programs.

We always want to be the first one to watch the new serial or film recently released. MovieBox realizes the urge of its users and keeps its shows up-to-date. The Movie store entries are updated regularly so the user can watch the videos in the first spare moment. Shows are consistently uploaded without delays so that the user does not have to bear the burden of spoilers. Spoilers can be a real mess which squeeze all the fun out but not when you can easily have the first-hand experience even before the spoilers are out.

Video quality is always a concern when you are watching a video because you are always looking forward to capturing each and every single detail of every action the characters perform. MovieBox respects your intuition and allows you to choose from multiple video qualities for you to view. All shows and films are available in High Definition along with lower frequencies. It all depends upon you what image quality can you work with.

The videos on MovieBox are not only available online but they can also be downloaded from the internet onto your device so that you can watch you desired program without any worry even when you do not have direct access to an internet connection. Travelling in subways for hours can be tough and boring but bring along MovieBox as your companion and cast all the boredom away. Not only can the videos be downloaded and viewed later on, they can also be watched online. Online video streaming feature such as in YouTube is a noteworthy feature in this application. You do not have to worry about the massive file sizes and device storage capacity and still enjoy the best quality content without any glitch and break.

MovieBox features a user-friendly interface which allows you to toggle between multiple options swiftly and accurately. Interface is always an important aspect of any application. A good interface is simple, comprehensive and aligned with the user’s suspected actions. MovieBox very efficiently satisfies this requirement and the simple UI allows you to easily view list of multiple movies and TV shows along with their season-wise classified episodes. This serves to be of great help because you will not be willing to waste a single moment of your leisure time in searching for something to watch. This is a busy world and you have not got all day. MovieBox UI ensures that you can access videos easily without any trouble.

MovieBox also support torrent downloads along with the online and offline viewing options within the application. This is of great comfort as you may want to watch the movie on another device say on your laptop. You can easily download it via torrent on your phone and transfer it to your laptop. Now you can have a party night with your family as well.

As of today, MovieBox is not available on Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. However still the application can be downloaded and installed from the internet without any problem. Furthermore, the application also does not require any jailbreak in case of iPhone or root access in case of Android device and can be used freely without encountering any issues.

Recently an older version of the application with the name MovieBox which was the original application was discontinued by the developers. The users encountered problems with their application which was later explained by the MovieBox that certain technical problems had arisen. The older version was replaced by the newer version named MovieBox Pro. This version is still improved version of its predecessor MovieBox and allows the same freedom of experience as well as mind-blowing features that others fail to provide.

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